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Hi Everyone, this is Sammy from Philippines. I just learned formally the Freestyle or hiphop last year. I've been dancing for 10 years but just recently i took formal classes. I've been looking for perfect program and mentors to enhance my style and when i saw BTM it feels like God gave me the tool and answers to all my prayers. It's hard to train and especially I'm doing self training. Some teachers where also expensive. And I was very very happy to learn from here. I hope I can grow better with BTM and be able to showcase my talent internationally. Thank you Nickel for this amazing experience! ❤️ Much love and respect to everyone.



I would definitely recommend BTM programs. It doesn´t really matter what level you are at, if you are a beginner or advanced. Teachers are giving loads of information, videos are in high quality and you have a wide selection of topics, concepts, styles, teachers... 😊



BTM is probably one of the best programs for freestyle. It is so strong that you can return to it every year, and you will always find something new for yourself in the same tasks. This is when, having completed the course to the end, you are just starting to take the course. It's great that I have a connection with people from all over the world. It's great that I have a connection with the course instructors at BTM. I know that they will always help me, and not only with BTM, but also with everyday dance life. I am happy to be a member of BTM!


United Kingdom

BTM has genuinely helped me come out of my shell more than I could have ever imagined. Being relatively new to freestyle, I used to refuse to explore what feels uncomfortable or what is not choreographed but not it's one of my favourite thing about dancing. The content really provides a step-by-step guide for body awareness and keeps your mind challenged. I don't know what else to say. I genuinely love the program.



BTM is a great platform I highly recommend it. Professional videos, well explained exercises, a huge variety of topics, teachers & inputs. If you're looking for a platform to help you improve your freestyle & find more freedom in your dance this is it.



I haven't gone far yet with the BTM program but up to now I feel very lucky that this came my way and I can't wait to continue with the program taking me to other states of dancing in my career. The fact that I can share my work with a large community is not at all intimidating and you already feel friendly within the community which is something Nickel has made sure of. The experience and the process you go through the assessments is apart from interesting very creative and challenging and a real get-to-know yourself. The quality of the videos are very high as well as the teachers expressing themselves as to what they ask. I can assure anyone taking the program will not regret and I am sure it will give people a new mindset and a new way of moving "beyond the moves".



Thank you BTM Team and all the Mentors. Especially Nickel, for being you and doing your thing. I recommend always BTM because of the style, how it works. It let’s me to dig deeper. Not only in physical stuff, but also in mentality. There is always what to learn. So once again Thank you! 



I´m very happy with the whole development of the course, and it has given me a more extensive vision about my body and my dance



Your way of teaching is so different and effective.



Always something to work on, great sections, well organised, different teachers, my favorite online training.



Beyond the moves is a program that literally takes you beyond the moves. It gives you a deeper understanding of your own process. Every assignment is though-through and no matter where you are in your progress/level it gives you something. It feels like it gives you more and more keys to unlock your own full potential both mentally and physically. I am just in the beginning of the program and I can already tell how much difference it has made to me. The mentors are amazing and they really give you smart effective tools and exercises to work with. The community is also lovely! I really recommend any dancer out there to join the BTM community if you are eager and passionate to grow!


United Kingdom

I never thought I would learn with online classes. But with this times we are passing and after an injury was the best solution to share with more people and start dancing for good. Actually this program is completely different and I'm very happy to started with it. Just want to do more programs with different people and see the next exercise of nickel. Is very good to keep evolve. At this point for me is perfect. Thank you



BTM is an amazing platform where people can share, meet and Find new dancers. Also I love the structure of the courses they are clear on point and experiencial (we also do practical stuff not just theories and concepts) I love this programm.


Czech Republic

It is just great. I mean it, I wasn't expecting it to fulfil my expectations but in reality it surpassed my expectations.. You have a community here which is really heartwarming and you can see a lot of people struggling the same way as you do. The quality of video is really outstanding and concepts are really well thought



I am a contemporary dancer with an interest in urban dances, and BTM has been helping me improve a lot already a few weeks into the program. I feel I’m learning a lot of tools to improve my freestyle in a way that is making me autonomous and allowing me to develop a very personal expression, as well as getting me out of the comfort zone to explore new possibilities, new qualities.



It’s hard to count things I like about Beyond The Moves One of them is that it really helps me to find ME. And I feel that I’m part of a big family filled with talented dancers. BTM keeps me motivated and helps me think positive about how I dance. What helped me the most was probably not judging my moves and really focusing on the present moment. I learn more with BTM in 3 months than what I learn in 1 year at my dance schoo



“Movement is a gift, and I’m so inspired by the variety of exercises that help us uncover our unique language and expression. I have a background in choreography, so delving into freestyle is less familiar. The BTM courses break down everything into clear steps so I can consciously create a foundation and new vocabulary. Thank you!” Was so happy to come across your programs as I ease back into movement after a long hiatus. Appreciate all you’re offering. Sending love to you and the team!


United States

“Beyond the Moves has given me a clear cut way of training that never gets boring. It not only help me unlock my freestyle, but it also helped me understand myself on a more personal level as well.”