Beyond The Moves is a training program that gives you the customized training, classes, community, coaching, accountability, and holistic support necessary to achieve the next level of your freestyle dance.

Doors Are Closed Until March 2024



BTM is for you if you're looking for a step-by-step plan to reach the next level of your freestyle dance and increase confidence in your skills. If you’re reading this, you might be struggling with:

  • Confidence issues in battles or performances - you're looking for a way to dance with self-assurance and hit your performance goals.
  • Feeling trapped by what other people think about your dance style - you want to move freely without worrying about judgment or criticism.
  • A need for consistency - you want to perform at your best and make it through preselection rounds...
  • Balancing dance practice with other areas of your life - you're seeking an equilibrium that allows you to do it all.
  • Being true to yourself when you perform - you want to let your personality shine on stage or in the dance studio.
  • A desire for steady growth - you're tired of hitting plateaus and want to see consistent improvement in your dance.

BTM is here to help you overcome these challenges and elevate your dance journey. 



BTM redefines freestyle dance as a transformative medium for self-expression, moving beyond just mastering steps. We help you ignite your confidence by tapping into your unique potential, leaving behind past insecurities and fears, and stepping into a space where you can fully immerse yourself in the dance without fear of judgment.

This liberating mindset empowers you to participate in dance competitions with a new perspective, where the outcome win or lose doesn't define you. We encourage the freedom to express your unique dance style, rooted in the fundamentals, while also facilitating a meaningful connection with a supportive community of like-minded friends, mentors, and fellow dancers.

Doors Are Closed Until March 2024



Introducing our flagship program BTM Academy 


Welcome to our pride and joy, the BTM Academy! This flagship, year-long program is built for freestyle dancers of every style. The training focuses on three core modules.

First, it hones your mindset, fostering the mental strength and self-awareness essential for standing out in the dance industry.

Second, it emphasizes movement, teaching you not just to learn steps but to use them effectively in captivating performances.

Lastly, it enhances your relationship with music, pushing your creative boundaries and enabling you to visually represent the rhythm and flow of the music.

In short, the BTM Academy takes you beyond steps, blending mindset, movement, and music to help you unlock your full dance potential.


That's not all... Experience Different Teaching Approaches 

While our flagship BTM Academy offers a deep and comprehensive journey into freestyle dance, we believe in providing you even more value. That's why we've partnered with some of the world's most renowned freestyle dancers to amplify your learning experience. Here's what we offer...

BTM Guest Programs

Our dance training doesn't stop at any level. No matter where you are in your dance journey, we have a BTM training program tailored for you. Each of these programs has been meticulously curated by elite freestyle dancers in the community, aiming to share their wealth of knowledge and contribute to your dance evolution.


BTM Guest Workshops

Every two months, we invite you to join us online for special workshops. These sessions provide an exclusive opportunity to learn directly from elite dancers, ask your questions, and practice alongside your favourite dancers.




Doors Are Closed Until March 2024

Who is this guy Nickel, who set all this up?


With two decades of professional freestyle dance experience, I've worn many hats - competitor, judge, event organizer, and most importantly, teacher. My passion for this art form goes beyond just the moves. I believe in the transformative power of dance, and my mission is to help others tap into their potential.

In 2019, I founded Beyond The Moves, an online platform aimed at helping freestyle dancers reach new heights. We've been honoured to welcome over 2,000 dancers who have joined our community at different times, benefiting from our resources and contributing to our collective knowledge and experience.

But we don't just stop at online training. We host the annual BTM Experience & BTM Intensive in Paris, a vibrant gathering of dancers and enthusiasts celebrating the art of dance.

As I continue in my dance journey, my aim remains the same: To empower dancers like you to unlock new heights in your dance and share your passion with the world. Welcome to Beyond The Moves, your journey to the strongest version of your dance starts here.

That's All Well and Good, but Does It Work

You're absolutely right to wonder about the effectiveness of our program. After all, the best testament to our program's effectiveness comes directly from our members. Here's what a few of them have to say about their journey with Beyond The Moves



Doors Are Closed Until March 2024