"How to Elevate Your Freestyle Dance to New Heights, Every Single Day" 

(Without Endless Hours of Practice or the Frustration of Stagnation)

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Here's What You'll Learn

Secret 1:

How to Unleash Your Dance Potential Through the Power of Mindset, Movement, and Music


Experience a transformative journey that surpasses traditional techniques. Explore how mindset, movement, and music together can skyrocket your freestyle dance, shatter performance anxiety, boost creativity, and let your true self shine on the dance floor.

Secret 2:

The Unexpected Accelerator of Your Dance Progress Not Many Talks About


Tap into a powerful, often overlooked factor that can fast-track your dance journey. Unlock this secret within your practice to achieve your dance goals faster. Be inspired by dancers who've soared to new heights using this strategy and see how you can too.

Secret 3:

The Undisclosed Strategy to Escape the Dance Plateau


Unlock the strategy that keeps top dancers advancing, bypassing the common plateau. Learn a non-traditional approach to ensure your dance journey continues upward, with constant progress and no stagnation. Discover how to stay in perpetual motion towards mastery.

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What Members Are Saying

So Who is this Training for?


This training is crafted for dancers battling performance anxiety, feeling boxed in by others' opinions, craving consistency, and yearning to balance dance with life seamlessly. It's for those who wish to truly embody their unique style on stage and are eager for continuous growth, but find themselves stuck at plateaus. If you're determined to dance with confidence, express your true self, and achieve steady progress, BTM is your gateway to transformation. Ready to elevate your dance journey? Enter your details now to access our free training and start overcoming these challenges today.

Who is this guy Nickel, who set all this up?


With two decades of professional freestyle dance experience, I've worn many hats - competitor, judge, event organizer, and most importantly, teacher. My passion for this art form goes beyond just the moves. I believe in the transformative power of dance, and my mission is to help others tap into their potential.

In 2019, I founded Beyond The Moves, an online platform aimed at helping freestyle dancers reach new heights. We've been honoured to welcome over 2,000 dancers who have joined our community at different times, benefiting from our resources and contributing to our collective knowledge and experience.

But we don't just stop at online training. We host the annual BTM Experience & BTM Intensive in Paris, a vibrant gathering of dancers and enthusiasts celebrating the art of dance.

As I continue in my dance journey, my aim remains the same: To empower dancers like you to unlock new heights in your dance and share your passion with the world. Welcome to Beyond The Moves, your journey to the strongest version of your dance starts here.

Here's what a few of our members have to say about their journey with Beyond The Moves

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