Whether you're an experienced dancer, a seasoned pro or even if you're just starting out, you'll always know exactly what to work on thanks to our extensive program library.


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BTM Dance Programs

Beyond The Moves Academy 

By Nickel Yudat

A year training plan to push your mindset, movement, and musicality to an all-new level. 


Arms Move Mastery 

By Jimmy Yudat

In this freestyle pattern program, Jimmy will share with you his way of integrating arms moves in his freestyle. You will learn some fun and strategic ways to use your arms to enhance your dance. After this one month of training, you'll discover new and creative ideas to dance with your arms and push your freestyle skills to the next level. 

The Technical Journey 

By Dykens 

In this freestyle pattern, Dykens will share with you his technical journey. You’ll discover how to improve your technique to enhance your natural way of moving and enrich your dance style.


Body Awareness 

By Jade Betty Fehlmann

In this freestyle pattern program, Jade will be sharing with you how to deepen the connection with yourself and create more awareness about your dance style. After one month of training, you’ll gain more clarity and control of your body.

Omnipresence Pattern

By Nickel Yudat

In this Freestyle pattern, Nickel will be sharing with you his approach to take over the spaces when you are dancing, get ready to increase your charisma and position yourself as a confident dancer on stage. 


Mind, Body and Soul

By Kapela Marna

In this dance program, Kapela will be sharing with you his approach to house dancing not only you will learn the technical aspect of the dance but he will dive deep into the mindset required to perfect your style and stand out from the crowd.

The Versatile Freestyle Dancer

By Joker Yudat

In this program, Joker will be sharing with you how you can make your freestyle skills adaptable to several dance situations such as Choreography, Battle, Theatre work, and more…


The Art of Movement Development

By Laura Nala

In this program, Laura will share with you her approach to movement development you will sharpen your freestyle dance techniques while customising your groove.

Floor-work Masterclass

By Malkom

In this program Malkom will be sharing with you the mindset as well as the technical aspect of his floor-work, you will get access to the taught process behind his style so you can learn, implement, then customise the information to develop your floor style. 




Lyrical Movement

By Jimmy Yudat 

In this program, Jimmy will share with you his approach to musicality, what works for him and how you can use those tools to create a better relationship with the music.


The Performer Habit

By Cynthia Casimir

In this program, Cynthia will be sharing with you some unique exercises to not only learn choreography faster but also develop your memory.  Learn how to overcome creative blockages while creating your choreography and make the process much more enjoyable.