Get ready to improve your floor-work even if you have no power-moves







In this program Malkom will be sharing with you the mindset as well as the technical aspect of his floor-work, you will get access to the taught process behind his style so you can learn, implement, then customise the information to develop your floor style. 


Module 1: Relationship with floor work 


1: Drops 

Transitions from up to down are part of floor works find out how to use simple transitions to open new possibilities on the floor.


2: Power moves are not a must 

Learn how to have a strong floor work without the need of power moves 


3: Flexibility and strength 

Although flexibility and strength are beneficial to your floorwork they are not a must to get started you will learn how to use the mechanic of any moves to progress faster. 


Module 2: Body awareness 


1: Muscle memory 

Learn how to develop good habits from the get-go to be much more efficient on the floor. 


2: Shape and positioning 

You will discover a unique exercise to improve your quality of movement on the floor as well as your muscle resistance. 


3: Balance 

Learn how to strategically do unbalanced positions until they become your new normal. 


Module 3: Creativity in floor work 


1: Training process 

A conversation about Malkom’s approach to creativity, inspiration, exploration, training, and execution. 


2: Developing trust 

You will discover a unique exercise to take calculated risks on the floor to develop self-trust and enhance your floorwork 


3: Round trip 

How to use the technic of the round trip to work on both side and improve your weaknesses. 


4: Musicality in floor work 

It can be more challenging to maintain a good musicality on the floor but in this lesson, you will learn how to adapt your natural way of moving to any music. 


Module 4: Customising your floor work 


1: Details 

Understand how to use the movement evolution technic to add details to your moves and customise them to your style.


2: Texture 

Learn how to utilise texture to enhance your floorwork and add your personal touch to the moves. 

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