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Good dance moves



Three tips that you can use to make any dance moves look great. Because remember, it's never about the moves but the person doing them.


How can you make any dance moves look good? 




Many dancers neglect this. If you add your chest to every single move you do, it adds more life to your movement. I like to call it the core of your dance. 

Chest alone will add much more life, fluidity, feeling to your movement.

It doesn't matter if you are moving the head, arms, shoulders; the chest needs to be also dancing. 

You can do this as an exercise and decide you are not going to move your chest at all. Take one step in front of the mirror and decide to lock your chest. Now once you have done that, do the same movements but add your chest to it, and you will see instantly the difference. This will make your movement looks better. 


The second tip is your facial expression. 




This is very important too. Imagine me talking to you for about 10 minutes without any tone in my voice, without any facials; you will not watch me and will want to do something else. 

Why? Because there is no expression, it is too neutral. Imagine yourself dancing, every part of your body is moving, and your face is not dancing, is not expressing anything. 

By doing that, you will lose your audience's attention because you are not living what you are doing.

Your facial expression means a lot and can add a lot to your movement. The same movement with the right expression can add much more to your movement. Don't neglect this little detail. Your face says a lot when dancing; you need to express not only through the movement but also through your facial expression. 


Let's dive into the third tip, which is less obvious than the first two. 




Tony Mcgregor said something once, and this inspired me so much for my dance I keep thinking about this quote as it helped me a lot. He said, " Timing beats speed, and precision beats power."


This is something I straight away applied to my dance. As dancers, it does make a lot of sense for us too. 


Example: You are freestyling on a very upbeat song, and you are trying to take every accent of the song, your body goes fast, you are trying to catch up with the beat, and it looks messy. You look like someone running after the beat. 


Instead of trying to follow the beat and not hit everything in the beat, use timing. It is not because the music is going fast; you have to go fast and vice versa. The music is going fast, but you use one simple move and focus on different timing and decide to chill on the song. This will make your movement look better.

Here is the second part of the quote, " Precision beats power ". The music can be heavy, and you want to go raw with your energy which is fine as long as it is precise. It is not about doing a power move on the beat, it is mainly about doing the right movement at the right time with precision.


This can be a very simple movement, but just because you use the right timing, your movement can take another level. Very important. 


In other words, you can use a very simple movement and make it look amazing by applying precision and timing to it. 

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