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Dance musicality



So how can you dance to the beat even if you don't know the song? That's the question. 

Stay tuned. I'm about to share with you exactly how you can do that. All right.


One of the things I love the most about being a dancer is musicality. It can be to a point where you can act the song perfectly even when you don't know the song. And I came up with a system that at least works for me.


I'm not claiming I've got all the answers.


It's a system that has been working for me, and hopefully, this will be helpful for you too. 


So here's what I realized. There is a structure in every song, and this structure is pretty much the same for all the songs. So the moment I understand this structure, it doesn't matter if I know the music; I'll be able to manage, dance to it, and do my best even if I don't know the song perfectly. 


So what is this structure? 


When I listen to music, I divide it into three parts. The first part to me is the logic beat.




The logical beat is the foundation of the music. Okay, I'm not a beatmaker, but I imagine that when he created this song. It started with a foundation of just one song. That's what I mean when I say the foundation of the music, the logical beat.


I call it the logic beat because this song will always be in the music. It might disappear a bit, but it will come back. That is the foundation. 


You can identify the logic beat very quickly. Let's say the first five seconds of the song, you can already identify it. And by the way, I will explain everything, the structure and how I managed to do this and dance to music I don't know. But also, what I'm going to do is, show you right after an example of me in a battle where I didn't know the music at all, and I did a pretty good job. 


Before that, let's get back to identifying the logic beat. You can take 5 to 10 seconds to find it. That's why it is better not to jump into the song and start doing your thing when the DJ begins to play, and you are in a battle or about to do a preselection. 


No, take your time. Just take just five seconds to feel and trying to understand what the music is telling you. Okay. And the first five seconds, you will get the logic beat because the moment it starts, it will be the same. It will remain there for the entire song; sometimes, it might disappear, but it will come back because it's the foundation of this music.


I call it the logic beat. The goal is to identify the logic beat first. Once you identify the logic beat, you can't be offbeat; you need to follow the logic beat, and you will never be offbeat, even if you don't know the music.


Now that you know about the logic beat, the second part is identifying the rebound beat. 





The second part is to identify the rebound beat.


What is the rebound beat? 


The rebound beat is coming in the music, disappear and come back, disappear and come back. 

Therefore. Even if you don't catch the rebound beat the first time, it will come back. And the fact that you hear it once and you didn't catch it, that's fine.


You know you were dancing on the logic beat doing your thing. And then this accent came up. You didn't know it was coming, but you didn't catch it. That's fine; you know it will come back because that's the rebound beat. It will come back. And the moment it comes back, you take it like someone who knows the song already. 

There are certain songs in which you can have several rebound beats. These are some bits that come and go, come and go. So the moment you catch it once, you can catch it again because the rhythm would be very similar—very powerful guys to understand. 


Now you want to identify the logic beat and understand how to identify the coming rebound beat. 


What's going to happen is when you're dancing, you're like, okay, I'm dancing on the logic beat and then suddenly the rebound beat is coming. I take it now. Okay. All right. I know it's coming back. I'm not taking it this time. I'm going to take it. All right. So you start playing with the song, and now even if you don't know the music, just this alone, the logic beat, and the rebound beats that are coming.


If you master these two, you can already do an excellent job by identifying them two and playing with them. Okay. You can do a good job in battles when you've got this.


Now here comes the third part, which is the unexpected beat. 




Now the third part of the song, I call the unexpected beat. This one usually comes only one time in the music. And it's either you catch it or you don't.


Yeah. And the only way for you to catch it is to trust your instinct. Very important. Dancing is all about emotion. You can work on your technique and move, make it perfect and everything, but if you are focusing on the logic part and forgetting about the emotion, it's like moving without a soul, and that's not what you want. 


So I'm trying to say that the only way to catch the unexpected beat is to trust your instinct, and the good news is that you already identified the logic beat and control it. You also identified the rebound beats that are coming and going. You identified them and controlled them, so you've got less work. You can now play. You're chilling. 

You don't know and just hit something unexpected in the music. And you surprise yourself, you keep doing your performance, it is fun, and you are acting like you know the song.  


It happens because you took the time to master these first two, the logic beat and the rebound beat. So the moment you've controlled these two, the rest is to let it go. Trust your instinct. Be confident enough to say that even if you don't know the song, that's not a problem.


It's just another song. I'm good enough to control the music, even if I don't know it. And you trust your instinct, and when you do that, you may not get all of the unexpected beats, but you will get some of them.


Don't get me wrong; when I explain this type of thing, I'm trying to give you a system you can follow. But it doesn't mean it would happen overnight. It doesn't mean that you can master the tools that I'm giving you overnight. It will take time.


It would be best if you implemented what I'm sharing. Otherwise, it's just me talking. But the person who gets this information and executes them will get the result.


So I don't want you guys to sit down here, watch me talk and then, okay.

That was a good video and subscribe, and that's it. Make sure you implement it. 


Because you will not see the result, you will not progress if you watch the videos. All right. I want to ensure that you also take the time to implement these things.


All right. So like I promised, I will show you a battle when I didn't know the song. I just trusted my instinct and followed the system I just shared with you. 


Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't, but this time it worked well. So check it out.


I hope you enjoyed it. I didn't expect this kind of result. I didn't know the song, but then I watched the video, and I was like, wow, that's cool, I have been able to do that.  

That's the system I've been using when dancing in battles.

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