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Dance battle the best way to win?




Many freestyle dancers want to do and win battles, which is great, but there is a misunderstanding of what winning truly means. 

Being a great dancer is only half of the work. So how can you use this gift to its full potential and make a living out of it?

Let me ask you this first question.


What is your definition of winning a dance battle? 


Think about it because most people will say that winning a battle is getting to the final and having the judges vote for you. And then, you win the battle, which is true. That's the typical definition of winning a dance battle.


But the thing is, we are so focused on the result that we need to remember that there is a different way of winning. And this way is much more powerful because it has a long-term effect. I'm talking about the second way of winning is to impact the audience. Think about it this way.


You can't control the judges. At the end of the day, the decision doesn't belong to you. You've got someone else to judge you for you, and even though you dance well or not, sometimes the decision might be unfair. That's the way it is. At the end of the day, you will always have a judge who will decide for you when you enter a dance battle.


But the good news is that you have a better chance of winning the audience's hearts. We tend to neglect this. But this is more powerful than winning a battle and gaining 200 euros or 200 pounds or $200. Do you see what I'm saying? So it's not a big deal to win just a cash price of two or 300 pounds when you know there's another way to have a much more powerful impact that will have a long-term positive effect on you. 


I believe winning the audience's heart is much more important in the dance battle.


Your primary goal should be something other than winning the battle. It sounds weird to say that because all you want to do is win when you are in a dance battle, especially coming from someone like me who's been doing many dance battles and competitions. Of course, I want to win, but they should not be the primary goal because sometimes, nobody cares about it when you win a battle. When you win a battle, most people will probably forget that you won this battle.


A few months later, they will probably forget about this 

They will definitely forget who won this battle a few years later. 


People will not always remember all the steps you've done and all the tricks you've done on the dance floor, but they will always remember what you made them feel.


That's important. And you should never neglect this. Because when you dance and someone says, "Wow, that was impressive", or "I felt so inspired when I saw you dancing".


These are the type of effects you want to have on people. Because when you do that, they will never forget you. One year from now, two years from now, 50 years from now, they'll always remember you.


And if you can have someone who has seen you dancing two years ago and still remember what you've done, believe me, this is much more powerful than just winning a cash prize of 200 euros or $200 or something like this. That's money you will be spending in a week or the same day.


Sometimes you travel to do a battle, and the cash price you win is not even enough because you spent all your money to travel and make it to the competition and the little money that you win, it's not even enough to pay all your expenses. So you see what I mean, stay in people's minds.


Inspire people in the audience on the day; it's a higher achievement and much more powerful. And also, the funny thing is that when you impact the audience and win the audience's heart most of the time, you will also win the battle. 


See, so that's a win-win situation. So always keep that in mind because most dancers want to go there to win the battle and forget what winning really means in a battle. 


And I'm not saying going there to lose.

This is not what I'm saying. Especially coming from someone like me, who likes winning.

Once again, there's a clever way to win, and this way is much more powerful. 


So when you dance, don't dance for the cash price, don't dance for the result, dance to inspire people on the day, dance to impact people on the day.


And I guarantee you will see the result. One, two, or three years, people will still remember you. 


So that's it for today, guys, and I do believe this is an important subject because nowadays there are so many young dancers who want to do dance battles because they think that doing battles and winning

will get them more jobs to start teaching worldwide, which is true.

 But be clever in the way you want to win. That can make a big difference in your career. 

I know many dancers who haven't won a lot of dance battles, but they're still touring.

They still have a good dance lifestyle. 


And this is proof that the amount of competition you win doesn't determine your success as a dancer. There are so many ways you can live a good dance lifestyle without winning many dance battles. Dance has much more to offer than just dance battles.



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